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Dasktech team  helps eBay sellers to free their time with our professional eBay Virtual Assistant Business and focus on more strategies.

Ebay Product Listing

Dasktech’s Virtual Assistant’s help you to Optimize Your eBay Listing to get more sale, conversion and customers.

Ebay HTML template listing

DaskTech is providing you excellent responsive HTML template listing which will increase 30% to your sales.

Amazon Account Management

eBay Virtual assistant will assist you to run and manage your eBay account.

Ebay Intrigration with Linnworks,Magento and FBA

Dasktech Virtual Assistant will help you to integrate eBay with Linnworks, Magento and FBA.

Optimization Of Listing

Dasktech Virtual Assistant will optimize your all listing up to the standards of eBay.

Bulk Product Listings

You are professional seller, you need help with thousands of listings or you want to list a lot, no problem Dasktech’s team here to help you to edit and upload your thousands of listings.

eBay Order Processing and Tracking

Dasktech’s virtual assistant will handle all of your client queries daily.  

And several other Administrative and Technical tasks

Dasktech’s Virtual Assistant will be responsible to run and manage day to day task on eBay store.

Simple Packages


Starter is for those sellers who are still
in their starting phase or have just started out, and do need some assistance to grow into the


Professional is for those sellers who are established, and do need some administrative, technical and/or creative business support assistance to run operations.


Advanced is for those sellers who are started/established, and do need some consultancy and help to develop strategies to grow into the market.

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