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We receive hundreds of application every week as we publish job advertisement to job posting to attract unique talent. All candidates go through series of test on relevant skills including communication and technical skills. Selected candidates are further trained on latest technology and professional ethics

Unlike Freelancer and other VA’s agencies, we appoint one Dedicated Manager on your account who works with you from day one. The dedicated manager is responsible of your VA onboarding, performance and reporting

We don’t charge you for training and development of your VA. We also cover cost of hiring and training of new VA if in case you would like to replace your VA or he/she leaves our company.

As leading virtual servicer provider in Market, we are completely aware of importance of communication between you and your VA. Through our in-house and online training, we make sure that our VA are able to communicate professionally with our clients.

Breakthrough to Excellence

What We Will Do For You

  • Manage And Creating Listing
  • Bulk Listing from Files
  • Listing Template
  • Amending Listing Directly On Ebay
  • Listing Online Auction
  • Item Specification
  • Revising Items
  • Order Management
  • Order Recombining Postage Costs
  • Cancelling an Order For Refunds
  • How To Deal With Return Request?
  • Printing Postage Lable
  • Order Defect Removal
  • Shop Manager
  • Ebay General Announcement
  • Shop Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Campaigns
  • Managing Advertisement Using Different Tools and Programs
  • Sending Invoices
  • Checking Cancellations Reports
  • Checking Return Reports
  • Resolution Center
  • Dealing with Appealing A Case
  • Manage Application
  • Excess Inventory Reports
  • Listing Analysis
  • Ebay Growth
  • Checking Account Information
  • Task Tab
  • Monitoring BSR of Items
  • Removal of Negative Feedback
  • Holiday Setting
  • File Management Center
  • Ebay Activity Tab


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Dasktech, Inc is leading virtual service provider in the world. Working with us enables you to free up your time to focus on strategies to grow your business while we handle your routine tasks