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Dasktech concept emerged when I found myself struggling in managing my growing business. Finding skillful worker online was not easy as most of candidate lacked industry and technical knowledge. Hiring through a recruiting agency was not economical option as well. Since those candidate lacked experience so their training after hiring was also another major issue.

After this unpleasant experience, I felt the need of a company which can provide trained virtual assistant staff. I started building my team by bringing together the best people from Marketing and Technology practice and training them on latest technology. Initially, we provided services to Amazon and eBay and gradually we expanded our services to Web designing, Data entry, book keeping, RPO and Admin tasks.

Brand Strategy
Internet Marketing
E- Commerce
Customer Happines
App Development


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Message From Founder


Touseef Choudhary

  • Enterpreneur
  • Founder of Dasktech, Inc
  • Top Amazon a& eBay Seller
  • Loves To Volunteer In Local Community

“I founded Dasktech as the service provider company I wish I had for the past 6 years while hiring. I always wished I could avoid job advertisement, a lengthy proposal from VA’s, and be on-boarded within hours. We’re now bringing that to our friend's so called clients.”